Afrique Capital and Equity Funds Limited is “ACEFUNDS” is a registered Private Equity, Funding and Project Advisory Firm organized and established under the rules and regulations of the United States of America security and Private Equity regulations It is incorporated under the statutory practice regulations of the State of New York, United States.

Afrique Capital and Equity Funds Limited was established in 2012 with strategic operational focus on Emerging and Frontier Markets and Economies in South America, the Caribbean, Sub-Sahara Africa and MENA.

Our operational strategies evolves around leveraging over 40 years of combined experiences of our Team of Managers to unleash the most desirable strategies to harness and mobilize resources to provide cognate services in the area of capital, equities, funding, financing, financial engineering, project advisory and project management for our clients across our footprints.

Industry Coverage

  • Agriculture & Agro Processing
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Plants
  • Housing and Real Estate Development
  • Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Energy & Power
  • Communications and Digital Infrastructures
  • Solid Mineral & Industrial Raw Material Projects
  • Construction and Development
  • Medical, Healthcare and Sciences
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Exports and Imports
  • Small Business Enterprises Development
  • Public Sector Projects and Programs

Debt Capital Markets

-Investment Grade Bonds
-Investment Grade Loans
-Sustainable Finance
-Private Placement
-Asset-Backed Securities
-Treasury and Commercial Paper
-Debt Management and Administration

Strategic & Risk Solutions

-Structured Financing Solutions
-Mergers and Acquisition Advisory
-Risk Management and FX -Management
-Working Capital Solutions
-Interest-rate hedging
-Foreign-exchange hedging
-Deal-contingent hedging

Leveraged Capital Markets

-Bond Market Issues
-Loan Syndication
-Leveraged Finance
-Acquisition Finance

Equity Capital Markets

-IPO and Follow-On Issuance
-Equity-Linked and Derivatives
-Financial Advisory Services
-Initial Public Offering (IPO) for Bonds, Capital funds, Project funding
-Equity Capital Market

Public Sector Advisory

-Debt Management and Advisory
-Capital Raise for Infrastructures
-Budgets and Planning
-Public Finance
-Foreign Reserves Management
-Treasury and Revenue Drives Advisory

Corporate Banking

-Corporate Lending
-Bridge Loans
-Reserve-Based Lending
-Lease Finance
-Project Finance
-Trade Finance and Supply Chain Facilities

Our Mission & Vision

Our corporate goal remain an objective of creating an avenue and channel for Private Equities, Institutional Investors, Debt Capital Funding Institutions, Finance (FDI)s group, EPC group , Banks and Venture Capital Partners to leverage and take advantage of investing in projects and transaction that our Firm’s Team of Experts working with Collaborating Firms has given cognate research, development, well packaged to meet globally acceptable and strong Financial Viability, Feasibility and Profitability test. We focus and develop projects funding profile with high potential to meet strong EBITDA co-efficient; good Return on Investment (ROI); Profitability indices; favorable Investment payback and positive sensitivity analysis.

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