Afrique Capacity Enterprise “ACE” is a global Financial, Development and Project Managers Consulting Firm based in New York, United States, Lagos, Nigeria and London, United Kingdom. The Firm major business areas focus on executing consulting and management services for clients in Development; Financing; Debt Capital, Private Sector Industrial, Commercial and Manufacturing Projects; Public Sector Infrastructure Project Development-Management and Funding Consulting; International Grant & Donor Development Project & Programs; Turnkey Project, Inter-Corporate Partnership, Franchise Placement Consulting; Consulting and Management services for International Development Agencies for Project Funding; and General Project Development & Management Firm established to serve the need of the growing disadvantaged Frontiers and the Emerging Economies of the world located mostly in Africa; Caribbean, South America, South Asia and largely in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our critical focus is for the African Economies and South America where the bulk of our activities are implemented due to the overwhelming development gaps in this region of the world.

Our goals is to bridge the development gap created by inadequate, manpower, funding, financing and development for projects, programs and infrastructure and developmental efforts in those region we operated from especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa. ACE was established to refocus the utilization of harnessed funds towards an effective and direct usage for projects, programs and development initiatives in various parts of African communities where we intend to touch base in our activities. Our activities provides linkage effect to alleviating poverty and deprivation in Africa though projects and programs that impact “capacity development” in all our key points area of operation.


Our company works with several institutions, partners, multilateral Agencies around the globe and several other project planners including EPC, EPCF and Turnkey Development groups to coordinate and provide professional services to Clients on Project development and Project Management. We are associated with many of these organizations to assist our Client procure and secure the most ideal project development plan strategies and obtain the most competitive cost of implementing their projects. In this direction, our company offers Project Development Plan services that include the following:

  • Project Conceptions and Identification Process
  • Project Design, Engineering and Development Process
  • Project financing, Funding and Financial Ways and Means Process
  • Project Construction, Procurement, and Implementation Process
  • Project Completion, Technical Managerial Process
  • Project Operational Process.


Our Project Manager sphere covers aspects relating to the management and administration of projects and programs on behalf of clients and other donor organizations. We work most Development and Funding Agencies to manage several aspects of project implementation strategies including consulting services for:

  • Financial Engineering Services
  • Project Costing and Project Funding Formula /Plans
  • Project Financing Plan; Sources and Placement
  • Project Funds Disbursement and Financial Distribution Plan
  • Foreign Exchange Plan and Consulting Services.
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