Our Firm Afrique Capital and Equity Funds Limited is Private Equity, Project Funding, Project Developing and Project Managers based in New York, United States. Our primary goal is to assist our clients to attract and access the right mix of financing, funding and project management process for their several projects across our footprints. We invite prospective clients to visit our Website for more information and/or request to speak with our Team of Experts. Delivering the financing and funding leverage for your project is the most important ingredient towards the realization of your project’s goals and objectives. The “keyword”is funding and financing.

Please find attached some core financing and funding options that we harness to assist our clients in the overall efforts to obtain the necessary financing and funding for their projects:


We have access to several direct capital funds from different Agencies and funding Corporation around the globe. Our global network dragnet enables us to present direct lending to projects in any part of the continents where we currently operates. We understand the technicalities involved in working with most of these Agencies and what is required to access funding from them. We assist with every detail to ensure that your project is qualified either funding or financing. These will include but not limited to the following:

  1. Private Mezzanine Lenders: There are several privately held lenders in our Network that will accept project within the confines of their risk management objectives for funding and financing. We are able to present details of how to qualify your project for this type of funding. There rates are lower, there requirements are standard and mostly attractive.
  2. Institutional Lenders: We have several numbers of Institutional Lenders in our portfolio that will assist with various types of lending for projects. The requirements for project funding with institutional Agencies can be very complex and all encompassing. With several years of successfully working with these set of Lenders, we have garnered an expertise to assist our client understand the most ideal ways to attract funding from these category of lenders.
  3. Development Agencies: We have a large number of Development Agencies across the globe. The list is long but notable once are Agencies from the USA, from Europe, Gulf Arab Agencies, OPEC Funds for Development, Australian Development Agencies and several others. These includes Development Banks, Regional Development Banks, Export –Import Banks (EXIMs Bank in USA, Canada, China, South Korea and Germany and Africa )


As Private Equity Firm, we have access to several Investors’ Related Project Development Lenders. Once we obtain the project details, we shall be able to match and uncover the lenders that will fit the specific project in question.   There requirements are very standard and they work based project to project deliverables. In most instances, they will requirement some form of Escrow Guarantee of between 10% to 20% to fund a project 100%. The Escrow is not necessary Equity but some form of Escrow Guarantees.


This has become very popular methods to financing most projects especially in the regions of the world where financial risks of project funding are high. This typically involves multiple levels of funding and financing for projects. The borrower will first attract a collateral instrument from highly rated Bank and this instrument shall monetized to general or discounted to generated the maximum amount of money required to complete any project. The initial cost of borrowing may be slightly higher due to the multiple levels of facilities, but this financing arrangement remains the most credible and faster ways to secure off-shore or international funding for several projects. Please let us discuss the details of this funding option


This is relative new and creative ways to fund projects especially in areas of the world like Africa and South America. Securitization process of Debt simply involves the ability of the Project owners to generate values around an Assets that will be accessed into security form. This can be physical assets or financial instrument or Bank deposits in the form of hypothecations. The Securitized Assets will then be placed under s platform with most formidable lenders to generate the necessary funding for any project. This Debt Capital will suite existing projects requesting for financing or funding for expansion, Government or public Sector projects and other projects with enhanced pre-project Asset values. Due to the Securitization process, the lending rates are relatively lower  and lending requirements are standard.


Venture Capital funding or financing for projects has taken great significant different direction in recent times. Venture capital option is generally a risk sharing formula for project development where all stakeholders are required to share in the risk of the project development through appropriate joint and standard venture capital approach. This approach has been used to fund the development of large project requiring capital in the excess of $500 Million dollars and more. It is has also become very popular with Private-Public Partnership project development especially in commercially viable infrastructure projects with high potential to generate robust income and revenue.

Venture Capital has been branded in recent times under the EPC model for project development and very recently the EPC & F model and we are equally have attractive Project Development conglomerate presenting enticing project development under the EPCF & M model. The “M” being direct Management of the project for a stakeholder ship within a specified period of time. The overall idea is to ensure that Engineering Designing and Construction Firm and the supplier of the used technologies in the project retains the  Management of the project for effective control system, viability and profitability and to ensure that the project remain a continuous going –concerned entity for long.


There are several ways to raise Equity Capital and Debt Capital for project funding and financing. This involves several multiple plays in terms of financing leverages. It may involve private placement memorandum or Debenture Debts as the case may be. It also involves top level financial engineering to access funding and financing through this option. Our Firm will guide our client’s application process thoroughly to achieve results. They are relatively cheaper ways to raise capital, Equity and Debts for any project development. We are able to discuss the details if client desire this option to fund their project.


With huge experiences and global network, our Firm is actively engaged in all aspects of Public Finance Advisory and Programs. With a global market that is becoming complex and challenging, our Team is well positioned with cognate global network and outreach to provide world-class Advisory and major Financial Engineering Services to the Governments (Federal, States, Local Governments and Government Agencies and Corporation).  These services also include Public Finance for both domestic operations and extremal services including Development Loans; Debt Management; Project Management; bilateral cooperation and Capital Acquisition for infrastructures.


The need to inject seed capital into any project development is very crucial. Most financing and funding position are proceeded by Seed Capital funding which are essentially generated through capital funds from Equity contribution of the stakeholders in the project. Even in the case of 100% funding sources for project, there are certain cost associated with pre-development stage of every project that needs to be completed.

Our Firm offers full range of network and options to generate this Seed Capital funding. Seed Capital can be borrowed funds as well but the financial engineering packaging must be right to reduce the debt burden of the project. For client interested in engaging our Firm to connect to how to generate the Seed Capital funding, please indicate in your Letter of Intent (LOI) that your project will require Seed Capital funding.


Requirements for project funding can be standard, simple and complex altogether. Our Firm understands the dynamic and very challenging tasks of raising Capital for Project Development either in the form of Debt, Equity, Grant, Institutional or Private sources. We assist to navigate the complex intricacies and break it down into stream less workable solutions at relatively safe and cheaper cost to our clients.  We present herewith a snapshot of some important information that will typically accompanying request for funding and financing. The top of the line is Equity/Stakeholder Capital contribution.  There is hardly any funding or financing sources that provide 100% financing for projects. It is important Project stakeholders understands this basic principle and our Team are ready, willing and able to navigate our clients through the process of generating this nature of Equity Capital or Seed Capital for their projects:


  1. Demonstration of capacity to show Equity contribution or plan of action to raise the Equity capital.
  2. The Profile of the Company; Profile of Directors and other Business Description
  3. Certificate of Incorporation or Business registration
  4. Tax clearance Certificate for the last 2 years
  5. Financial Audited Accounts for 2 Years
  6. Professional COIs to the Company Accountant; Attorney ( Name and Company and Contact)
  7. Bankers to the Company
  8. Comprehensive Business Plan about the Project: Description, Business Model, Marketing, Management Past Experiences and other details
  9. Financial Projections and Cash Flow
  10. Project Development Plan and Architectural Details including Costs and QS
  11. Collateral support for the Loan ( Bank Guarantee and others)
  12. Proof of Title to the Land and Construction details and Construction permit approval
  13. Proof of capacity to make Equity Contribution between 5 to 10% of the Project Cost 
  14. Personal Identification for the Principal Owners
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