The ACEF as a private equity firm is fully engaged in brokerage and consulting activities for both the funds Managers and Investors on one hand by working with these groups to locate identify and structure potential investments; projects and development program to fund and invest through series of hybrid investment strategies.

Our Firm works at the local market place by providing brokerage, consulting and financial engineering services, funds placement and funds management to arrays of investing groups amongst who are the financial institutions; institutional investors, Private investors, Corporate Organizations, Multinational Corporations; Sovereign wealth fund management, General funds Management; other Private Sector’s equity and capital fund Investors, while on the receiving end, we provide world class fund management mechanism to fund and invest funds in series of portfolio including Equities, Bonds, Private Placement, Public Placement, Debt Capital, and other investment portfolio in Public sector groups including projects and programs of States and the Federal Governments, Public Sector including infrastructure projects, budgetary support funding, Private sector projects including industrial and commercial projects in all sectors.

The Firm equally offers services to potential local private and institutional investors that seek to utilize and harness foreign opportunities for access sources of investing in equity and capital funds with the intent of availing potential advantage of hedging their capital funds and maximizing in derivable from their funds. Our clients includes but not limited to the following Funds Managers and Fund Investors;

– Asset & Funds Managers
– Banks / Financial Services
– Corporate Organizations
– Family and Estate Funds
– Foundations & Endowments
– Governments & Government Agencies ( State & Federal)
– Insurance Companies
– Investment Firms
– Pension & Trust Funds
– Secondary Intermediary Funds Corporations like Discount Houses
– Institutional Investors
-Real Estate Investors

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